Public Theologian.




Anthony Manuel Cruz Pantojas is a public theologian, and trans-religious scholar.

Anthony Cruz is a public theologian and trans-religious scholar. Originally from  Puerto Rico, he earned a Master of Theological Studies degree from Andover Newton Seminary at Yale Divinity School. Anthony is currently completing his Master in Leadership and Humanist Studies degree from Meadville Lombard Theological School. He spent the first years of his career studying the intersections of ethics, constructive theologies, and decolonial thought to create spaces of renewed imagination and collective liberation. Anthony is a certified spiritual director through Still Harbor and an endorsed Humanist Celebrant and Associate Chaplain by The Humanist Society.


Anthony is interested in speaking opportunities about decolonial practices to spirituality, freethought traditions, inter-religious dialogue, human flourishing, and collective liberation.



—  Anthony Cruz Pantojas, Soul of Sanctuary Project

We who are nurtured en conjunto and are moved in our becoming by the stories, shared experiences, and memories of our ancestors, let us not forget the millones de pisadas pressed on the surface of this Earth where we wandered, wondered, and journeyed without human-made borders. Through the many shifts and reconfigurations of our modern societies, let us seek and desire a relationality that fosters collective flourishing in order to sustain a cycle that humanizes each other and embraces with sacred curiosity our lived experiences. Àṣẹ